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Simple GPT Payout!

By Foenanko · November 15, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Guess who just got payout from SimpleGPT.com~!


Instantaneous payout, $5.00 minimum.  I completed this with no referrals, only doing the multi-click PTCs daily.  There's 50 of them available per day, paying out anywhere from 3 cents to 5 cents each, so you can make $1.50 minimum easily just doing that.  They also offer free trial offers, paid surveys, paid quizzes, and more.  They also offer two tiers of referrals, if you like making your money that way.


Check it out!

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Clicks Vista!

By Foenanko · August 27, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I've just signed up for a new service called  Clicksvista. It's almost exactly like Trek Pay. Same $5.00 cash out limit.  It pays to Paypal OR you can redeem the money you've made as a Amazon.com voucher.  So far it seems like there's a lot more potential to make money here than Trek Pay, though I'll still be using both.  The free page clicks I used today wracked up about a dollar, and the additional offers that you can sign up for (newsletters and some things that require credit info) add a lot more on to that.  I'm personally not doing anything that gives extra info, but the newsletters are easy to sign up for, and if you find them obnoxious, you can always block them with your spam blocker.  There's also apparently emails they send out that you're paid for, and you get a $.25 just for signing up.  So you're already 1/20th to your first payout without doing anything.  I'll post about this site again once I've received my first payout!  In the meanwhile, I encourage you to join.  I've seen good proof that this site is legitimate through one of my main sources of information.

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